Client Testimonials

Mississauga Accountant Clients 01
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"Bimal and Grace demonstrate true leadership...even when they think that no one is watching... but i was…"
Phil Johnson
Silicon Energy
Mississauga Accountant Clients 02
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"...Because of your high level of expertise, I’m now enjoying the benefits of a substantial and unanticipated tax refund..."
Deborah Foster-Stahle
President & Executive Consultant
Mind Over Matter
Mississauga Accountant Clients 03
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"You have taken the pressure off and allowed us to focus what we love to do best…You are truly professionals at what you do."
Dr. Oudi Abouchacra
Dixie Park Chriropractic Wellnes Centre
Mississauga Accountant Clients 04
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"I wish to express my thanks for the manner that you have over the past 6 years, addressed our needs..."
Ivano Manias, MCIP
East Woodbridge Developments Ltd.
Mississauga Accountant Clients 05
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"Your professionalism, and thoroughness... was very commendable, and was done at a reasonable price... You are not just accountants, you are also business advisors"
Kim Etherington, P. Eng.
LaserTek FX, Inc.
Mississauga Accountant Clients 06
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"…we appreciate [Bimal's] vast knowledge of accounting and business. It is this knowledge and experience that has helped us grow and progress substantially"
Murtaza Rasheed
Cyber52 Inc.
Mississauga Accountant Clients 07
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"The timing and accuracy of these reports have been 'on the money' and provide an excellent foundation for your usual quick turnaround of our year end..."
John Harvey
General Manager
Scantech Automation Inc.

Mississauga Accountant Clients 08
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"Our experience with the services of Mr. Shah and associates has been nothing less than extraordinary"
Manfred Zoehrer
B&R Industrial Automation Inc.
Mississauga Accountant Clients 09
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"…the quality of services are well beyond normally expected at reasonable price"
Bipin Shah
Pinnacle Direct Response Inc.
Mississauga Accountant Clients 10
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"For more than 7 years... they have become our trusted and essential business partner"
Igal Hauer
Mississauga Accountant Clients 13
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"The most impressive feature of your firm is the availability ... of you and your staff to resolve the issue in (a) most efficient and timely manner."
Maithili Koparkar
Yogmaya Wellness Inc.
Mississauga Accountant Clients 14
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"I can count on them for any of my accounting needs and questions in a timely manner"
Arun Konakalla
Shreya Consultants Inc.
Mississauga Accountant Clients 15
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"He is always ready to offer advice and provide information to serve our best interests"
Bukky Boyo
Vice President
Landover Aviation Company Ltd.
Mississauga Accountant Clients 17
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"…you and your team have been an invaluable asset in helping me set up my new business..."
Robert Pezzack
Mortgage Intelligence
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